Not A College Party

I could say my weekends in Boston are crazy I go out to a new hip unique bar / club every weekend  but then I would be extremely over exaggerating my life. I am a strong believer in a balanced healthy lifestyle, one where I have time to dedicate to my education my loved ones and to myself.  Going out in Boston didn’t really fit the picture after a month of going out on a weekly basis kept me from giving the time I needed to myself to my goals to my future.  For others they can balance the lifestyle of going out education and self importance, I honestly give those people so much credit please teach me your ways.  The transition from a college campus party to the going out lifestyle of Boston was the epitome of small town girl to big city.

Mo Money Mo Problems

From the great words of Michael Scott with money comes “mo problems”, in this case no money meant more problems for me, going out in Boston became a monthly expenditure. 10$ cover 14$ drinks and needing a new outfit (instagram worthy) every time you step out of the house. So be ready to put a monthly installment to the side for going out in the city. giphy-19

No Boundaries

Me and my roommate went out on a weekly basis the first few months in Boston, you get hit on A LOT! Within a minute of meeting a guy he asked me if I was ready to leave (literally 2 minute conversation)  me being appalled at his statement turned around and just walked away. Guys have no boundaries when it comes to going out in the city, from being yelled at because I turned down a guys advancements towards me after he bought me a drink to a guy saying he was going to marry me, the city will draw a diverse crowd of people. fef21730-92c1-0132-1dee-0a2c89e5f2f5

No College Party 

What do you mean no “sports” houses, no frats, no formals,  walking to places is no longer an option, and wearing Converse’s out is no longer “socially” acceptable. My style took a 360 turn from College to the city, thank god! the things I wore at Plymouth where very out there and would have never been accepted in Boston. Yes to my plymouth friends reading this I no longer wear moccasins and high socks out.  The average night out in Boston is dinner with drinks then off to a popular bar/ club till 2 am then hitting up any 24 hour food places, living next to Bovas is a blessing!


So what does my average weekend out look like now, well it’s no Hangover movie or even really blog worthy, I spend my nights either working out, making myself dinner, watching a movie, and going to bed, sometimes me and my roommate throw in going out to dinner and a drink very wild haha. I know not the story you really want to hear who knows maybe that will change but my main focus right now is my internships, my health and my family. I look forward to going into my non existing dating life in Boston next week  and how dating works in the city!



Hi, how are you?

Ironic to think all conversations with the people closest to us and even those who we have never met all start with ” Hi, how are you?”.


Well I know it’s been a while since I have posted so how am I doing…. Well a lot has happened in the past 7 months, of course many “adult” experiences. The great thing about this blog is it’s not just about me growing up and “adulting” it’s about all of us growing up together. Throughout the next several blog posts I will be posting the real life experiences that are opening my eyes to the world of becoming an adult and hopefully will open yours too if not maybe it will just give you a good laugh at my mistakes. A little preview into the next weeks post.

Going out in Boston is NOT the same as a college party

Just moving from the middle of nowhere New Hampshire to the city is a big move especially being a college student in between wanting to be an adult while still being treated like a child. Well the city changed that perspective for me everyone looks at you as though you are a young professional, and that does include dressing and going out like a young professional. So what has happen on my nights out in Boston…? continue to next weeks blog post Thursday evening!


Reality Check

Growing up isn’t easy but at the end of the day we can’t stop or slow down life as much as we wish we could sometimes. One second we where all in middle school and our biggest worry was what shirt we wanted to buy from Abercrombie Kids or Sports Authority, now we are in this world full of payments and responsibilities. so here are the biggest reality checks you get when getting to adulthood

1:Everything and by that I mean Everything cost money

you will quickly learn more than 30% of your paycheck will go to groceries rent and any other necessities d9fe6417963a8d3bc0637415e227ea9e

2:Food will never taste as good as your moms dinners 

You think college food sucks try making your own dinner when all you are good at is making a pro bowl of cereal200_s.

3:You have to take care of yourself 

First year I was on my own I was sick maybe 90% of the year make sure you take multi vitamins your mom isn’t there to remind you understand-nothing-220x162

4:You can’t party like you used to 

You can’t binge drink Thursday night through Sunday night you also need to learn your limits it isn’t attractive being 25 vomiting and yelling at everyone every weekend ( once in a while if this is your way of drinking is perfectly fine haha) 8394df0d8adad452a762c7dc8164c9c5

5:You will fight with friends especially roommates 

You have come to the point in your life where you have figured your self out kind of and you have created and formed your own opinion on specific things this will lead to confrontation from several peers but because you are adults you will respect each other at the end of an argument.

6:You will get your heart broken

It is a step in life everyone goes through falling in love and falling out of love we all make it to the other side though don’t let it hold you down from life!!


7:Life will keep moving even if you are not 

People in your life will keep moving life will keep going with or with out your motivation you need to learn to motivate yourself and do better everyday!!

8: You will grow up and change 

You will change for some this is the harshest reality check because many of us don’t want to grow up just yet but weather you like it or not this journey isn’t slowing down people friends and family will move on and you don’t want to be caught behind still acting like a college student when everyone is starting their internships, we all have our time though personally I have hit this stage of wanting to grow up and change by transferring to Boston hopefully I will be able to pursue the future I am looking forward to I also wish the same for all of my readers!! Even adults don’t have it all together so don’t worry!:)


Making Our Way Out

As we go on this journey to adult hood some of the biggest things we have to adapt to are major life changing events yes I am discussing leaving your parents house into your own apartment.. the scary thought of not having homemade dinner and no bills or rent. You now are at the age of having a full time job and having the income of someone who can make it on their own but leaving the nest isn’t as easy as you think. This calls for finding a good apartment at a reasonable price and most likely roommates. On a personal note I am going through this process because I am transferring to Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts to finish off my undergrad and go into Law School, but besides the point I need to find a roommate and an apartment and this process has been long, never ending, creepy, weird and funny at many points and still continues. So here are a few tips I am picking up on when looking for an apartment and roommates.

1: Roommate sites are basically dating sites

While I was filling information out for this roommate site I found myself feeling like I was signing up for Eharmony or singles in Boston. Bio ” I like to take long walks on the beach while binge watching Netflix and I’m looking for a place around 600 an month”6356144419793461261560618572_after-trying-online-dating-out-for-a-couple-of-months-this-is-my-reaction-to-anyone-who-messages-up-16999

2: A LOT of creepy people will try to add you to be a roommate

don’t put your number on your bio lesson learned! online-dating-gif

3: Pros

If you use the roommate site right and correctly it actually is very helpful in trying to network to find future roommates who may share the same major and interest that you share before even trying to contact them. did-we-just-become-best-friends

When looking for an apartment

1)Make sure it is in your price range!!

Don’t try to go outside your means yes that 1600$ per month place looks nice and maybe just maybe if you starved yourself for the entire month and worked overtime maybe you will make rent, but do not try this nvoqpta

2) Go and look at the place yourself

Don’t just agree to get a place because of the word of the landlord or your roommate look at the place make sure it fits all your personal needs. Because if you don’t you could end up living in a dump with rats as your new roommates.tumblr_inline_o3t1y93st31r2o780_500

3) Read the Lease

yes we have all come accustomed to the scroll down through everything and agreeing because we don’t actually have the time to read over a 100 pg iPhone agreement but with leases make sure you read over all the pages and fine print and if you have any concerns bring it up with the landlord.

4) Security

Living in a place that may seem safe you will always need the extra precautions, for example it is necessary for all apartments to have 2 fire escape routes, also to make sure all the doors come with locks and keys only you will have. And if the security is not up to code maybe the choice of having a dog, little cute dogs are always scary right??funniest-dog-gifs-puppy-fart



The people of our lives

As we are getting older and going through life we tend to forget those who brought us to were we are today I have had many influential people throughout my 20 years of life that have hurt me made me stronger and empowered me.It is always good to look back and see where we have come from and gone through reflecting back the years to move on through this journey of becoming an adult.  In this blog post I will be discussing the people that effected all of our lives and how we made it through the bad times and good times. All these people had an impact to the person you are today and the adult you soon will become.


Thank you for being the person who is always there for me no matter the amount of attitude I give you after a double shift. Thank you for being my best friend when I had none.You supported me through the worst and the best and you deserve the world for that. You may not see what you have done to help me grow, you showed me strength you showed me unconditional love. rs_463x283-141117141717-tumblr_m75nslph2g1r4l47to1_500

My Ex best friend

Sappy yes,but we all have that best friend that we did everything with the one friend who became family but then just left. As humans some people drift off others will stay, to the best friend who left thank you for showing me that there are people out in the world  who will say anything to bring you down. As you sought after to make my middle and high school years horrible, yes girls are actually very evil to each other. You gave me the ability to show my strength, you showed me that you can’t trust everyone in the world. From you I learned how to make it on my own in school. anigif_enhanced-3076-1392072128-7

My Best Friend 

Thank You for always being my psychotic sidekick. Thank you for showing me that I can trust people. Thank you for being my person when I got hurt or needed someone to eat Ben and Jerry’s / Netflix binge with. Thank you for reminding me not to grow  up to quick but to follow my dreams. giphy1

Ex Soccer Coaches

Although many of you I hated for a long time thank you for teaching me several life lessons I wouldn’t have learned any way else. You taught me that I had to work for playing time if I wanted to become better I had to put more time and effort in to get what I wanted. You taught me that even 50 yr old men can enjoy making a group of 21 girls cry ( only 1 coach I had haha). You taught me that life isn’t fair, even sometimes when you work your ass off to get better you won’t get more playing time. In the end most coaches are crazy but you gotta love them.


My Dad 

Thank You for giving every guy I date impossible standards to live up to. You taught me never to accept average to always work my hardest to be exceptional. Thank you for showing me how a man should treat his wife. Thank you for being my coach and cheerleader in every sport I played. anigif_enhanced-buzz-16227-1410824053-16_preview



How to be single

Lately due to my birthday coming up many people have brought up how now that we are in our 20s we are so close to the age of “having to be married”, from 26-28.  But in my opinion you have to enjoy being single while you are. Being single allows you to get to know yourself, explore, push your limits, and know who you are. To fully invest yourself in a relationship and in someone else you must first know and invest in yourself. So I protest the thought of a timeline life happens while you plan things out. So,here are some reasons to love being single.

1:Save Money

Yes you save money once you stop spending money on going out to eat, driving to the other persons house, and other holidays like Valentines Day, anniversaries,ext.Now we have more money to spend on clothing, food and traveling.  Not exact numbers but you could spend anything from 50-150$ a month on being in a relationship.635850607409955881-1714929036_2

2: More time with friends

As stated from the great words herself on Sex and the City “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. These are the people that no matter how many guys you go through they will always be there at the end they are our true soul mates.

3: Being careless

In a relationship its almost as though you have to hold a standard, maybe not after a few months but at the beginning you always do. But being single you can be careless and make mistakes without the feeling of guilt.Be a mess, eat the 5th slice of pizza wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt with no make up, do crazy things you know you want to!anigif_optimized-28994-1427515229-11

4:  You can date

You can go out on dates and see what you do and don’t like find your perfect fit you have time don’t rush. And you will always have a story to tell your girlfriends at coffee on Monday about the horror stories of dating. fef21730-92c1-0132-1dee-0a2c89e5f2f5

5: You can travel

You can get up and go where ever you want by yourself with out the permission of another. If you want to go on a random adventure at 11pm on a Tuesday night go and do it!!

6: You Get to know yourself

with this time of being single you get the chance to fully be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be able to sustain yourself before you can put the time and effort into another person. Do things you love be yourself and the right person will find you, life will pan itself out to the way its supposed to don’t plan on a timeframe of life let life come to you.


Dining on a Budget

On our journey to becoming adults we have all figured out how to live off of basic and cheap food throughout college but now that we are big adults we should probably graduate from the 1 minute meals we shove in the microwave, (considering the fact that those meals have thousands of chemicals and loads of sodium) to big kid meals. Being the daughter of a world renowned known chef is a lot to live up to when you specialize in making rice and smoothies on a daily basis. It always seems as though I am way to busy to make myself an actual meal so I resort to my normal dinner, lunch and breakfast smoothie with a piece of toast, on occasions Honey Nut Cheerios with Almond Milk, yes I know quiet the chef aren’t I? I grew up with a chef as a dad and this is what I have resulted to… In this blog post I will be showing a few meals that actually don’t take anymore than 15 minutes out of our day and are money savers at the same time!

Hangover Breakfast sandwiches

For the morning after a rough night pick up a carton of eggs, a bag of english muffins, a block of cheddar cheese (cheaper than pre shredded cheese), an avocado and my personal favorite that gives it a little kick hot sauce

This will make about 6 of the best hangover sandwiches you have ever had!tumblr_mkb5dv9lvd1r7ksqyo1_500

Everything you will every need in a smoothie:Strawberry Mango Spring Smoothie Recipe, honestly the best investment I made this year was splitting the cost of a blender with my roommate the amount of possibilities are endless to smoothie making. My personal twist on this smoothie is instead of coconut milk I use almond milk and sometime will add spinach and protein in to get the full effect of an everything you need in a smoothie! quick easy and simple to make

Makes 3½ cups

1 cup coconut milk/ almond milk
1 banana, peeled, sliced, and frozen
1 mango, skinned and chunked
5 large strawberries, hulled (


 Grilled Cheese, One of my personal favorites and since you can reuse a lot of the ingredients used in the Hangover breakfast sandwich too, keeping more money in your pocket.

A bag of whole wheat bread, A block of cheddar cheese , Hot Sauce ( honestly hot sauce could make anything taste good), avocado, and cooked chicken


French Toast , every person alive should learn how to make simple french toast including the fact that it’s easy cheap and AMAZING

1 egg

1/2 cup skim milk (used almond milk just as good)

1 /4 tablespoon of vanilla extract and ground cinnamon (adjust to your personal taste)

2 slices of whole wheat bread

tablespoon of butter to add to the pan

Mix together the egg and the milk then add in the vanilla extract and cinnamon, dunk the whole wheat bread into the mixture then place on hot pan until cooked! and to add a personal touch I love adding fruits to my french toast!! selena-gomez-loves-food-funny-lol-300x160

Everyone should know how to make chicken : For some reason I always believed my mother was just given all this knowledge of cooking and knowing what degree chicken had to be cooked to magically but  a simple search on the internet will do just the trick, 165 degrees is the number to look for. You can cook on a pan or in the oven if you can cook chicken you can basically make any meal you want here is a perfect video to watch on how to cook perfect chicken!

Yes I know this isn’t a total upgrade to professional amazing meals but I am eating on a budget with little to no skills. So now we have graduated from our Annie’s Mac and Cheese to grilled cheese and egg sandwiches! The basics will allow us to be able to graduate to more difficult meals to make but for now one small step for Ashley one giant leap for anyone who I make dinner for!








As I have gotten older I have noticed there are specific types of people I always seem to run into in the work place. In this post I will be discussing these different types of people you will grow to work with during our journey of becoming adults, because no matter what in life we all have to deal with co-workers wether we like it or not. From the Loud Talkers, to the Boss, to the messy monster we all have these people in our work place.

Oscar The Grouch

The one co worker that no matter the day no matter the weather seems to always be a grouch. From the first step in the the last step out of work always complaining about something going on, “the printer isn’t fast enough”, “the lighting in this place is always to bright”,” of course they messed up my coffee”, and the best one “why am I even here”. From time to time we all become oscar the grouch for one day but don’t let your self become the grouch of the office.


The Partier

The co-worker that always strolls into work with shades on , a bottle of Advil and water for the hangover and a night of partying to tell everyone about. They always seem to have the best going out stories this co worker is the life of any office party and seems to always love an after work drink or two. They will put your social life to shame.6358799984843405961831410974_the20office20champage20gif

The mom

The one everyone goes to advice for, from your basic boy problems to life problems this co worker always seems to have the right advice to give. They have gone through it all and know how to handle every situation. The mom is very sociable and will always be the first one you call in the need of help in a sticky situation.

The hot one

The one person in the work place that every girl/guy wants he or she is always talked about, the one who blows away all your standards of other guys/girls.  The one no one can get but everyone wants. We all have a co- worker like this wether we like to admit it or not!

The do-gooder

aka the suck up, they are always around the boss trying to make sure everything is perfect and always trying to correct those around them that are not doing things their way. Its one thing to be the suck up but to then try to nit pick others around you…. you don’t want tobe this person.


The Best Friend

We are their for hours upon hours a day its only a matter of hours  you find your work place soul-mate the ones who seems to always make you laugh on bad days and the ones who make it bearable to come in the next day. You even share your after hours with these people because 8 hours a day isn’t enough.




What School Never Taught Me

We have all spent over 15+ years in school and have never been taught how to pay off a loan, do taxes, or even how to write a resume. The simple things it takes to have success in the world we have never been taught, but thank god I know the Pythagorean theorem. In this blog post I will be tackling on how to pay off the scary monster that follows us through college and constantly just gets bigger our  college debt!  We finally have all the tools to get a job and make a monthly income and to start paying it off but where do you even start?

1: Face the debt you are in, make sure you know what exactly you are dealing with. This site will help you know how much debt you are in and how much interest has added up , this site is a life saver  honestly I had absolutely no idea what my debt was at this point until I went on here. d9fe6417963a8d3bc0637415e227ea9e

2: Contact your loan sever….. who am I paying back exactly, you will be paying your loans back to your loan server (had to ask my parents who my loan server was) either private or federal make sure you contact them as soon as possible to figure out a payment plan for your loans. The faster you do this the big scary monster of debt will get a little less scary.


3: Pay back plan, the standard student repayment plan is usually 10 years but that may not be the case for every student. Look at your current income and figure out if a 10 year plan is right for your future.


4:Create a budget, this is where you look at your expenses and income on a monthly basis. Make sure you will be able to stick to your pay back plan constantly re evaluating how much you spend and what you need to cut back on to be able to make payments.  A great site to use for you budgeting is .


5: You will make it through this! Debt is a harsh reality that we all come to after finishing college but just like our parents and the people before us we will make it through. In the end we got the great education we need for a good paying job in the end it will be worth it!


One Hot Mess

At one point or another life sometimes feels like that spinning carnival ride that goes round and round having no control over yourself or anything around you. Where everything literally just hits the wall, from your personal life to work life to school life. We have all experienced this at one time or another whether we like to admit it or not none of us have “our life together”. I mean really who actually has their entire life together ever (if you are one of the rare creatures that does please let me know I have a lot of questions). But thankfully to some personal experience and many discussions with those older than me, I have come up with a few solutions to help when you become a HOT MESS.

1: Breathe

I wouldn’t recommend to ever not breathe but during this time period I recommend to take a lot more deep breaths. Calm  yourself down before you punch that wall.breathing

2: Make a List

Honestly this is one of the best things to do whenever I feel as though my life is spinning out of control I take out a piece of paper and make a schedule of things I need to get done and things I can put to the side for now.

1pm: Dont freak out

2pm: Don’t breakdown and start crying

3pm : maybe writing this paper will help..

3:05pm: okay maybe not

3:06 pm candy and Netflix always help

3: Immediately text your friend paragraphs detail upon detail about how your life is falling apart

Honestly though I have a set 3 people I always text about any problem I ever have and they give me the best advice with no judgement to my psychotic-ness, especially mothers really do give the best advice!23f1f357543b06457317b968d5ac8035

4: Exercise

I have had the most amazing workouts when I am stressed and need to get my mind off something, It gives you a clear head to think and also helps get rid of the calories you ate during the Netflix and Candy stage.ed290090-087f-0133-4599-0a2ca390b447

5: Take a Bath/ Shower 

You have spent all week focusing on everyone else around you, give your self sometime to decompress and take care of yourself. Probably the best de stressor if you add a glass of wine.

6: Sleep

No not the 5 hours of sleep wake up and rush on to your next day, plan in your schedule when you will be in bed by and when you will be up by give yourself a good 8-9 hour block for this. 6357468417165877391970323203_pr2

7: We are all in this together tumblr_inline_ms489w9lq71qz4rgp

Last but not least we are in this crazy thing called life together, (yes a very cliche line I know) But really though no one is better at doing life than another it is all based off of what you want and your ending objective to this journey. ( yes I know that sounded very archaic). We are all a hot mess at one time or another give yourself a day to fix up yourself to take on the rest of the week. We are only in our twenties once you don’t want to waste it on stressing.