Not A College Party

I could say my weekends in Boston are crazy I go out to a new hip unique bar / club every weekend  but then I would be extremely over exaggerating my life. I am a strong believer in a balanced healthy lifestyle, one where I have time to dedicate to my education my loved ones and to myself.  Going out in Boston didn’t really fit the picture after a month of going out on a weekly basis kept me from giving the time I needed to myself to my goals to my future.  For others they can balance the lifestyle of going out education and self importance, I honestly give those people so much credit please teach me your ways.  The transition from a college campus party to the going out lifestyle of Boston was the epitome of small town girl to big city.

Mo Money Mo Problems

From the great words of Michael Scott with money comes “mo problems”, in this case no money meant more problems for me, going out in Boston became a monthly expenditure. 10$ cover 14$ drinks and needing a new outfit (instagram worthy) every time you step out of the house. So be ready to put a monthly installment to the side for going out in the city. giphy-19

No Boundaries

Me and my roommate went out on a weekly basis the first few months in Boston, you get hit on A LOT! Within a minute of meeting a guy he asked me if I was ready to leave (literally 2 minute conversation)  me being appalled at his statement turned around and just walked away. Guys have no boundaries when it comes to going out in the city, from being yelled at because I turned down a guys advancements towards me after he bought me a drink to a guy saying he was going to marry me, the city will draw a diverse crowd of people. fef21730-92c1-0132-1dee-0a2c89e5f2f5

No College Party 

What do you mean no “sports” houses, no frats, no formals,  walking to places is no longer an option, and wearing Converse’s out is no longer “socially” acceptable. My style took a 360 turn from College to the city, thank god! the things I wore at Plymouth where very out there and would have never been accepted in Boston. Yes to my plymouth friends reading this I no longer wear moccasins and high socks out.  The average night out in Boston is dinner with drinks then off to a popular bar/ club till 2 am then hitting up any 24 hour food places, living next to Bovas is a blessing!


So what does my average weekend out look like now, well it’s no Hangover movie or even really blog worthy, I spend my nights either working out, making myself dinner, watching a movie, and going to bed, sometimes me and my roommate throw in going out to dinner and a drink very wild haha. I know not the story you really want to hear who knows maybe that will change but my main focus right now is my internships, my health and my family. I look forward to going into my non existing dating life in Boston next week  and how dating works in the city!



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