Hi, how are you?

Ironic to think all conversations with the people closest to us and even those who we have never met all start with ” Hi, how are you?”.


Well I know it’s been a while since I have posted so how am I doing…. Well a lot has happened in the past 7 months, of course many “adult” experiences. The great thing about this blog is it’s not just about me growing up and “adulting” it’s about all of us growing up together. Throughout the next several blog posts I will be posting the real life experiences that are opening my eyes to the world of becoming an adult and hopefully will open yours too if not maybe it will just give you a good laugh at my mistakes. A little preview into the next weeks post.

Going out in Boston is NOT the same as a college party

Just moving from the middle of nowhere New Hampshire to the city is a big move especially being a college student in between wanting to be an adult while still being treated like a child. Well the city changed that perspective for me everyone looks at you as though you are a young professional, and that does include dressing and going out like a young professional. So what has happen on my nights out in Boston…? continue to next weeks blog post Thursday evening!



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