Reality Check

Growing up isn’t easy but at the end of the day we can’t stop or slow down life as much as we wish we could sometimes. One second we where all in middle school and our biggest worry was what shirt we wanted to buy from Abercrombie Kids or Sports Authority, now we are in this world full of payments and responsibilities. so here are the biggest reality checks you get when getting to adulthood

1:Everything and by that I mean Everything cost money

you will quickly learn more than 30% of your paycheck will go to groceries rent and any other necessities d9fe6417963a8d3bc0637415e227ea9e

2:Food will never taste as good as your moms dinners 

You think college food sucks try making your own dinner when all you are good at is making a pro bowl of cereal200_s.

3:You have to take care of yourself 

First year I was on my own I was sick maybe 90% of the year make sure you take multi vitamins your mom isn’t there to remind you understand-nothing-220x162

4:You can’t party like you used to 

You can’t binge drink Thursday night through Sunday night you also need to learn your limits it isn’t attractive being 25 vomiting and yelling at everyone every weekend ( once in a while if this is your way of drinking is perfectly fine haha) 8394df0d8adad452a762c7dc8164c9c5

5:You will fight with friends especially roommates 

You have come to the point in your life where you have figured your self out kind of and you have created and formed your own opinion on specific things this will lead to confrontation from several peers but because you are adults you will respect each other at the end of an argument.

6:You will get your heart broken

It is a step in life everyone goes through falling in love and falling out of love we all make it to the other side though don’t let it hold you down from life!!


7:Life will keep moving even if you are not 

People in your life will keep moving life will keep going with or with out your motivation you need to learn to motivate yourself and do better everyday!!

8: You will grow up and change 

You will change for some this is the harshest reality check because many of us don’t want to grow up just yet but weather you like it or not this journey isn’t slowing down people friends and family will move on and you don’t want to be caught behind still acting like a college student when everyone is starting their internships, we all have our time though personally I have hit this stage of wanting to grow up and change by transferring to Boston hopefully I will be able to pursue the future I am looking forward to I also wish the same for all of my readers!! Even adults don’t have it all together so don’t worry!:)



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