Making Our Way Out

As we go on this journey to adult hood some of the biggest things we have to adapt to are major life changing events yes I am discussing leaving your parents house into your own apartment.. the scary thought of not having homemade dinner and no bills or rent. You now are at the age of having a full time job and having the income of someone who can make it on their own but leaving the nest isn’t as easy as you think. This calls for finding a good apartment at a reasonable price and most likely roommates. On a personal note I am going through this process because I am transferring to Suffolk University in Boston Massachusetts to finish off my undergrad and go into Law School, but besides the point I need to find a roommate and an apartment and this process has been long, never ending, creepy, weird and funny at many points and still continues. So here are a few tips I am picking up on when looking for an apartment and roommates.

1: Roommate sites are basically dating sites

While I was filling information out for this roommate site I found myself feeling like I was signing up for Eharmony or singles in Boston. Bio ” I like to take long walks on the beach while binge watching Netflix and I’m looking for a place around 600 an month”6356144419793461261560618572_after-trying-online-dating-out-for-a-couple-of-months-this-is-my-reaction-to-anyone-who-messages-up-16999

2: A LOT of creepy people will try to add you to be a roommate

don’t put your number on your bio lesson learned! online-dating-gif

3: Pros

If you use the roommate site right and correctly it actually is very helpful in trying to network to find future roommates who may share the same major and interest that you share before even trying to contact them. did-we-just-become-best-friends

When looking for an apartment

1)Make sure it is in your price range!!

Don’t try to go outside your means yes that 1600$ per month place looks nice and maybe just maybe if you starved yourself for the entire month and worked overtime maybe you will make rent, but do not try this nvoqpta

2) Go and look at the place yourself

Don’t just agree to get a place because of the word of the landlord or your roommate look at the place make sure it fits all your personal needs. Because if you don’t you could end up living in a dump with rats as your new roommates.tumblr_inline_o3t1y93st31r2o780_500

3) Read the Lease

yes we have all come accustomed to the scroll down through everything and agreeing because we don’t actually have the time to read over a 100 pg iPhone agreement but with leases make sure you read over all the pages and fine print and if you have any concerns bring it up with the landlord.

4) Security

Living in a place that may seem safe you will always need the extra precautions, for example it is necessary for all apartments to have 2 fire escape routes, also to make sure all the doors come with locks and keys only you will have. And if the security is not up to code maybe the choice of having a dog, little cute dogs are always scary right??funniest-dog-gifs-puppy-fart




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