The people of our lives

As we are getting older and going through life we tend to forget those who brought us to were we are today I have had many influential people throughout my 20 years of life that have hurt me made me stronger and empowered me.It is always good to look back and see where we have come from and gone through reflecting back the years to move on through this journey of becoming an adult.  In this blog post I will be discussing the people that effected all of our lives and how we made it through the bad times and good times. All these people had an impact to the person you are today and the adult you soon will become.


Thank you for being the person who is always there for me no matter the amount of attitude I give you after a double shift. Thank you for being my best friend when I had none.You supported me through the worst and the best and you deserve the world for that. You may not see what you have done to help me grow, you showed me strength you showed me unconditional love. rs_463x283-141117141717-tumblr_m75nslph2g1r4l47to1_500

My Ex best friend

Sappy yes,but we all have that best friend that we did everything with the one friend who became family but then just left. As humans some people drift off others will stay, to the best friend who left thank you for showing me that there are people out in the world  who will say anything to bring you down. As you sought after to make my middle and high school years horrible, yes girls are actually very evil to each other. You gave me the ability to show my strength, you showed me that you can’t trust everyone in the world. From you I learned how to make it on my own in school. anigif_enhanced-3076-1392072128-7

My Best Friend 

Thank You for always being my psychotic sidekick. Thank you for showing me that I can trust people. Thank you for being my person when I got hurt or needed someone to eat Ben and Jerry’s / Netflix binge with. Thank you for reminding me not to grow  up to quick but to follow my dreams. giphy1

Ex Soccer Coaches

Although many of you I hated for a long time thank you for teaching me several life lessons I wouldn’t have learned any way else. You taught me that I had to work for playing time if I wanted to become better I had to put more time and effort in to get what I wanted. You taught me that even 50 yr old men can enjoy making a group of 21 girls cry ( only 1 coach I had haha). You taught me that life isn’t fair, even sometimes when you work your ass off to get better you won’t get more playing time. In the end most coaches are crazy but you gotta love them.


My Dad 

Thank You for giving every guy I date impossible standards to live up to. You taught me never to accept average to always work my hardest to be exceptional. Thank you for showing me how a man should treat his wife. Thank you for being my coach and cheerleader in every sport I played. anigif_enhanced-buzz-16227-1410824053-16_preview




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