How to be single

Lately due to my birthday coming up many people have brought up how now that we are in our 20s we are so close to the age of “having to be married”, from 26-28.  But in my opinion you have to enjoy being single while you are. Being single allows you to get to know yourself, explore, push your limits, and know who you are. To fully invest yourself in a relationship and in someone else you must first know and invest in yourself. So I protest the thought of a timeline life happens while you plan things out. So,here are some reasons to love being single.

1:Save Money

Yes you save money once you stop spending money on going out to eat, driving to the other persons house, and other holidays like Valentines Day, anniversaries,ext.Now we have more money to spend on clothing, food and traveling.  Not exact numbers but you could spend anything from 50-150$ a month on being in a relationship.635850607409955881-1714929036_2

2: More time with friends

As stated from the great words herself on Sex and the City “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with”. These are the people that no matter how many guys you go through they will always be there at the end they are our true soul mates.

3: Being careless

In a relationship its almost as though you have to hold a standard, maybe not after a few months but at the beginning you always do. But being single you can be careless and make mistakes without the feeling of guilt.Be a mess, eat the 5th slice of pizza wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt with no make up, do crazy things you know you want to!anigif_optimized-28994-1427515229-11

4:  You can date

You can go out on dates and see what you do and don’t like find your perfect fit you have time don’t rush. And you will always have a story to tell your girlfriends at coffee on Monday about the horror stories of dating. fef21730-92c1-0132-1dee-0a2c89e5f2f5

5: You can travel

You can get up and go where ever you want by yourself with out the permission of another. If you want to go on a random adventure at 11pm on a Tuesday night go and do it!!

6: You Get to know yourself

with this time of being single you get the chance to fully be able to know your strengths and weaknesses. You need to be able to sustain yourself before you can put the time and effort into another person. Do things you love be yourself and the right person will find you, life will pan itself out to the way its supposed to don’t plan on a timeframe of life let life come to you.



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