As I have gotten older I have noticed there are specific types of people I always seem to run into in the work place. In this post I will be discussing these different types of people you will grow to work with during our journey of becoming adults, because no matter what in life we all have to deal with co-workers wether we like it or not. From the Loud Talkers, to the Boss, to the messy monster we all have these people in our work place.

Oscar The Grouch

The one co worker that no matter the day no matter the weather seems to always be a grouch. From the first step in the the last step out of work always complaining about something going on, “the printer isn’t fast enough”, “the lighting in this place is always to bright”,” of course they messed up my coffee”, and the best one “why am I even here”. From time to time we all become oscar the grouch for one day but don’t let your self become the grouch of the office.


The Partier

The co-worker that always strolls into work with shades on , a bottle of Advil and water for the hangover and a night of partying to tell everyone about. They always seem to have the best going out stories this co worker is the life of any office party and seems to always love an after work drink or two. They will put your social life to shame.6358799984843405961831410974_the20office20champage20gif

The mom

The one everyone goes to advice for, from your basic boy problems to life problems this co worker always seems to have the right advice to give. They have gone through it all and know how to handle every situation. The mom is very sociable and will always be the first one you call in the need of help in a sticky situation.

The hot one

The one person in the work place that every girl/guy wants he or she is always talked about, the one who blows away all your standards of other guys/girls.  The one no one can get but everyone wants. We all have a co- worker like this wether we like to admit it or not!

The do-gooder

aka the suck up, they are always around the boss trying to make sure everything is perfect and always trying to correct those around them that are not doing things their way. Its one thing to be the suck up but to then try to nit pick others around you…. you don’t want tobe this person.


The Best Friend

We are their for hours upon hours a day its only a matter of hours  you find your work place soul-mate the ones who seems to always make you laugh on bad days and the ones who make it bearable to come in the next day. You even share your after hours with these people because 8 hours a day isn’t enough.





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