What School Never Taught Me

We have all spent over 15+ years in school and have never been taught how to pay off a loan, do taxes, or even how to write a resume. The simple things it takes to have success in the world we have never been taught, but thank god I know the Pythagorean theorem. In this blog post I will be tackling on how to pay off the scary monster that follows us through college and constantly just gets bigger our  college debt!  We finally have all the tools to get a job and make a monthly income and to start paying it off but where do you even start?

1: Face the debt you are in, make sure you know what exactly you are dealing with. This site will help you know how much debt you are in and how much interest has added up , this site is a life saver  honestly I had absolutely no idea what my debt was at this point until I went on here. https://www.nslds.ed.gov/npas/index.htm d9fe6417963a8d3bc0637415e227ea9e

2: Contact your loan sever….. who am I paying back exactly, you will be paying your loans back to your loan server (had to ask my parents who my loan server was) either private or federal make sure you contact them as soon as possible to figure out a payment plan for your loans. The faster you do this the big scary monster of debt will get a little less scary.


3: Pay back plan, the standard student repayment plan is usually 10 years but that may not be the case for every student. Look at your current income and figure out if a 10 year plan is right for your future.


4:Create a budget, this is where you look at your expenses and income on a monthly basis. Make sure you will be able to stick to your pay back plan constantly re evaluating how much you spend and what you need to cut back on to be able to make payments.  A great site to use for you budgeting is https://www.mint.com .


5: You will make it through this! Debt is a harsh reality that we all come to after finishing college but just like our parents and the people before us we will make it through. In the end we got the great education we need for a good paying job in the end it will be worth it!



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