One Hot Mess

At one point or another life sometimes feels like that spinning carnival ride that goes round and round having no control over yourself or anything around you. Where everything literally just hits the wall, from your personal life to work life to school life. We have all experienced this at one time or another whether we like to admit it or not none of us have “our life together”. I mean really who actually has their entire life together ever (if you are one of the rare creatures that does please let me know I have a lot of questions). But thankfully to some personal experience and many discussions with those older than me, I have come up with a few solutions to help when you become a HOT MESS.

1: Breathe

I wouldn’t recommend to ever not breathe but during this time period I recommend to take a lot more deep breaths. Calm  yourself down before you punch that wall.breathing

2: Make a List

Honestly this is one of the best things to do whenever I feel as though my life is spinning out of control I take out a piece of paper and make a schedule of things I need to get done and things I can put to the side for now.

1pm: Dont freak out

2pm: Don’t breakdown and start crying

3pm : maybe writing this paper will help..

3:05pm: okay maybe not

3:06 pm candy and Netflix always help

3: Immediately text your friend paragraphs detail upon detail about how your life is falling apart

Honestly though I have a set 3 people I always text about any problem I ever have and they give me the best advice with no judgement to my psychotic-ness, especially mothers really do give the best advice!23f1f357543b06457317b968d5ac8035

4: Exercise

I have had the most amazing workouts when I am stressed and need to get my mind off something, It gives you a clear head to think and also helps get rid of the calories you ate during the Netflix and Candy stage.ed290090-087f-0133-4599-0a2ca390b447

5: Take a Bath/ Shower 

You have spent all week focusing on everyone else around you, give your self sometime to decompress and take care of yourself. Probably the best de stressor if you add a glass of wine.

6: Sleep

No not the 5 hours of sleep wake up and rush on to your next day, plan in your schedule when you will be in bed by and when you will be up by give yourself a good 8-9 hour block for this. 6357468417165877391970323203_pr2

7: We are all in this together tumblr_inline_ms489w9lq71qz4rgp

Last but not least we are in this crazy thing called life together, (yes a very cliche line I know) But really though no one is better at doing life than another it is all based off of what you want and your ending objective to this journey. ( yes I know that sounded very archaic). We are all a hot mess at one time or another give yourself a day to fix up yourself to take on the rest of the week. We are only in our twenties once you don’t want to waste it on stressing.



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