13 Ways to Answer “hows college going?”

With Easter being right around the corner not only are we welcoming the amazing bags of Cadbury Eggs and Jellybeans, but the wonderful family gathering we all look forward to especially the game of how many times can I be asked “hows college going”. In response to this predicament I came up with 13 ways to answer the many questions we always get but never have the right answer to.

1: I’m spending a lot of time focusing on my school work (I am actually on the 7th season of Grey’s Anatomy and started this week..oppps) icpiowd

2: I’m working on getting in shape for the summer ( I just finished a bag of Chips a few cookies and maybe squeezed a banana in.. but my diet starts tomorrow though so it’s all good)


3: I am joining a lot of campus activities to add to my resume ( does napping count? )


4: I am actually focusing on myself before I start dating ( I have my puppy , a glass of wine and a carton of Ben and Jerry’s the only two men I need)200_s

5: Yeah the campus life is Very exciting ( I saw two dogs the other day)

6:  Classes are great and very interesting  love all my professors ( I may be half asleep in 3 out of 4 of my classes but at least I got out of bed)

7: Multitasking is something I have become very good at ( I can do 4 papers in one night with only three red bulls, two coffees and only crying twice)


8: Yeah I am excited to go back ( I love looking forward to the several papers and assignments my professors gave me over “break”)

9: Yeah I am going to start studying for finals early ( hahahhahahahhahahhahahaha)thats-cute-gif

10: Yeah the food isn’t that bad ( If you were to compare it to dog food)


11:  I don’t spend money at school I try to save as much as I can ( obviously stress shopping doesn’t count it only happens like five times a week)

12: No I am not addicted to coffee ( I only had two cups this morning)


13: Yeah I planning on getting a job at “x” after college ( I can’t even think about what I am doing tomorrow you expect me to know what I am doing in three years ) 635892756870983163-1880415612_i20dont20know20what20im20going20to20do




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