Hello World

Finally finishing the season of family holiday parties and the awkward encounters with cousins you see every once in a blue moon, and the dreadful 1000 question game you get from the relatives, Hows college? have you gotten an internship for the summer yet? How are your grades?How’s the (non existent) dating life? But one question I was not at all ready to answer was when my 8 year old cousin came up to me and asked if I was an adult…. I was looking around the room puzzled by this question legally yes I am an adult, I guess I’m getting kinda sorta older, but am I an adult? I started searching the room for another adult that could do better adulting than me to help out.

We are all stuck at this awkward age of 18-23 where we are no longer teenagers but are we adults yet? Once we leave this time warp of college partying and lifestyle what do real adults do, how did real adults get to where they are now?  Throughout my blog I will be answering these questions of what real grown ups do and how to do them from adults who are doing it better than us , like the correct way to talk at an interview, how to dress for specific business occasions?  how to do adulting right, because we all know we need some help.

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