What happens next?

It’s one of the scariest things that once we leave college we spread out and lead our own lives into adulthood, some get jobs, some have kids, some get married, and some just end up never leaving college. I have been able to break it up into 5 categories of where most of us end up post college.

The ones who settled down 635900605356162617-951260495_6354997633593137891229550875_rs_500x209-140606093912-tumblr_n4aelvb9pb1rizu9io3_500
We all know that perfect couple that everyone loves to be around at parties or even just hanging out with. The couple that made everyone laugh and made any other honeymoon couple(couples that are all over each other) bearable.We all know they will get married after college it’s just a matter of when. Even though they makes us feel more single than ever you know they are truly happy.
The ones who never stop partying anigif_optimized-8387-1423339981-5
We all know that guy or girl who is the life of every party loves going out and can always out drink anyone they challenge. For these people the party never stops, they are the people that will stay in the college area and party like they are still there. They are living off of the youth, a never ending party.
The successful Loners 


These are the people who where not much a fan of the party life, and focused more on homework, classes and future plans. These people are very independent and will most likely be very successful in what ever they do but will  let their work get in the way of their social life.

Homeward bound


These are the people that never really had a plan or you could say “lived for the moment” but once it hit the moment of graduation and getting a job they ran all the way home. Some need more time to figure out where their life is taking them than others, in a way it can be good until you’re the 30 year old living out of your parents basement.

The success story


These people are the ones who lived a very balanced life, they lived for the moments but knew when they needed to put focus on their life. These people will always end up being the success story because they have figured out what many haven’t, balance, knowing  who they are and where they want to go.

My conclusion is not everyone fits directly in just one of these categories in reality none of us have it together, even though we like to act like we do. We are all still trying to figure out what we what to be in life on top of still wanting to be young and stupid. Whats next is totally up to you.


Netflix and Chill to Drinks and Bills

We got to college dropped the 20 questions game and picked up the Netflix account. We created our own culture of watching the cliche / corny scary movie on Netflix and “chilling” with a significant other.  Post college though we are going to be thrown into this new world of  DATING! face to face talking with strangers, the friend of your friend or the guy/ girl you met at the coffee shop the day before. This calls for dropping the chill and picking up the bill! The Rules of Dating like an Adult.

1: Being financially stable


We just got out of college finally are out of our minimum wage high school jobs and are either interning or just starting up at a full time job this is the time to start saving up. No girl or guy will wants to go out to McDonalds for a first date,  save up enough to enjoy a coffee or drinks date. It’s all good though because we are all in the same situation of being poor.

2: Know how to dress


Sadly the sweatpants and a sweatshirt we wore to our Monday 8ams are not in style. Not implying dressing like you are going back to prom, wear something that fits to your style and personality, if you are a t shirt and jeans sort of girl or a dress with boots sort of girl dress to your strengths, and don’t over think it! Even though you will still try on thousands of different combinations and not like any just make a decision and own it.

3: Don’t Over Eat


Do not stress eat on the first date or stress drink! Stay calm and enjoy your food/ drink and enjoy the conversation, we all get nervous just know how to show it!

4: Don’t act desperate


You don’t need a relationship, dating is meant for people to see what works for them and what doesn’t work for them it’s like taste testing ice cream. Don’t expect a relationship to come out of a first date just see how it goes and take it slow.

5: Be outgoing


If you are interested in the guy/girl at your local coffee shop down the street or co- worker don’t be afraid to just ask for their number, because why not!? whats the worst that could happen we are all in the same situation of dating. You will never know your type if you never look.

6: We will get the Hang of it


Dating isn’t easy but sooner or later we will become less awkward, learn how to dress,and become pros at it. Dating is a fun carefree environment of trying on several different shirts and seeing which one fits best.

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The Interview

The biggest step to showing you are becoming an adult the bittersweet interview email , “Hello Ashley we have looked over your application and would like to invite you to come in for an interview”. Pumped you’re one step closer to getting away from your minimum wage high school job.  Scared out of your mind to actually have to sit down and have a face to face conversation about your future and below par skills you have acquired over the years. What do I wear? what do I say? and  what do I not do? we are not alone though because at one point or another those interviewing you where the petrified college student sitting on the other side of the desk. Here is a list of the Dos and Don’ts of an interview from people who have been through it before us.


  • Dress to impress, don’t over dress but more importantly don’t underdress no fortune 500 company wants to hirer someone with ripped jeans messy hair and a stained shirt. Black pants with a white or neutral colored shirt with a nice accessory
  • BE ON TIME! can’t stress that enough
  • Research the company
  • Don’t act rehearsed be comfortable and speak clearly
  • When asked do you have any questions for me.. ASK A QUESTION!! the interviewer wants to see if you show interest in the company and what better way to do that than asking questions about the company
  • Send a email Thanking the interviewer within 24 hours
  • Show up prepared and confident that you deserve this job you will get this job!


  • Act desperate for the job
  • When asked what you expect to get paid don’t give an amount!! try to defer from the question, “I’m looking for the best offer based on my experience and education.”
  • chew gum
  • Smell of too much perfume/ cologne
  • have your cell phone on or ring during the interview
  • Bring friends or family
  • Speak badly about previous company you worked for

You will mess up some interviews coming from experience, and others experiences we are all just learning how to join the elite group of adulthood.

Hello World

Finally finishing the season of family holiday parties and the awkward encounters with cousins you see every once in a blue moon, and the dreadful 1000 question game you get from the relatives, Hows college? have you gotten an internship for the summer yet? How are your grades?How’s the (non existent) dating life? But one question I was not at all ready to answer was when my 8 year old cousin came up to me and asked if I was an adult…. I was looking around the room puzzled by this question legally yes I am an adult, I guess I’m getting kinda sorta older, but am I an adult? I started searching the room for another adult that could do better adulting than me to help out.

We are all stuck at this awkward age of 18-23 where we are no longer teenagers but are we adults yet? Once we leave this time warp of college partying and lifestyle what do real adults do, how did real adults get to where they are now?  Throughout my blog I will be answering these questions of what real grown ups do and how to do them from adults who are doing it better than us , like the correct way to talk at an interview, how to dress for specific business occasions?  how to do adulting right, because we all know we need some help.